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Ocea Otica

(pronounced like Oceanic Exotica)

having started collecting vintage mugs in the 90’s and sharing the love of Tiki bars, the Grog Log and mug collecting with an old friend of mine, we came to a decision one day while looking at our Bosko and Munktiki mugs: what if we tried to make some?

Starting in 2003, having never done ceramics, that friend and I released a small number of mugs. there were three of my designs and two of his with three shot glass sized designs i sculpted and that we, along with his wonderful mother, customized as free raffle items for our release party at Tiki Ti in 2003. Having lost our ceramic space shortly after our first cargo kiln firing, under the tutelage of a former boss who was a potter, edition sizes ended up ranging from 6 of one mug to maybe 15 of another. A lot of testing and failing with some enjoyable successes and enjoyable times.

it wasnt until 2006, when a coworker referred me to Ceramic Castle, conveniently located a few doors down from my day job at that time, that i had a renewed ability to get pieces fired. Under the wonderful tutelage of Ellen, the regular class participants and customers at The Castle, i continued on with this craft i love so much and had become obsessed with.

K and i have since moved to Georgia and I am currently in the process of building a small studio. I look forward to continuing to explore the craft and work with imagery based on the art of Oceanic Cultures; primarily Papua New Guinea.

Thank you for sharing my love and learning of culture and art and allowing me to continue on this voyage!

Thank you to Bosko Hrnjak for trailblazing this as an art medium and the balance and harmony his work exudes, Miles and Pop at Munktiki for welcoming me to the community of artists in 2003 and the continued inspiration, to Beachbum Berry for fueling my imagination for the fuel that can go into these vessels, and to the Tiki Ti family and patrons who cemented this all as my future.

In Memorial of Ellen Francis, thank you for the wonderfully welcoming workshop/ class experience and lunch time conversations on my break from work!